5 Ways of Celebrating Halloween During Covid In Quarantine

Celebrating Halloween during covid in quarantine

Times are different right now, and every one is a little anxious and uncertain on how to handle social gatherings. This year, Halloween falls on a Saturday and with restrictions in place, there are no parades and no big parties. But we’re still going to go HAM with celebrating… at home!

Celebrating Halloween During Covid In Quarantine

We are that last house at the end of the street. You know what I’m talking about?

The house that is dark and when you start walking up to it, things pop out of the woodworks. All of the sudden, you’re entangled in a fake spider web, there’s a witch laughing somewhere, and if you turn your back, you know you’re going to see a costume of zombie that looks so real that you just want to scream. Yea, we’re that family, that house. Normally, we’d be at Spirit Halloween everyday!

I love celebrating Halloween because to me, the Halloween party is just kick off of months of partying and celebrating till the end of the year. We don’t host them because honestly, hosting them is a lot of work, but I am all about the Halloween decorations indoors and outdoors. I just really love creating the ambiance that captivates you!

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celebrating halloween during covid

By the end of October, it’s already dark outside after dinner time, but the weather is a hit or miss. Last year, it was beautiful. The year before that, it was a bust because it was cold and rainy. I’m hoping that since it falls on a weekend this year, we can spend the whole day celebrating.

Anyway, since we aren’t going trick o treating with two newborns in tow, we decided we’re going to spice up Halloween at home for the kids.

Different Ways to Celebrate Halloween During Covid

Watch Some Movies at Home

One of the greatest things about Halloween on a weekend has to be watching movies after curfew! Introducing your kids to the not-so-scary elements  is so special. Here are some awesome movies for your kiddos that you can watch the whole weekend!



The Adams Family

Hotel Transylvania

Toy Story of Terror

Room on the Broom

Monsters, Inc

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Scared Shrekless


Boo Someone with Sanitizers

celebrating halloween during covid

If you’re looking for a great party favor that isn’t food or a toy (God knows we have enough toys), then you should download this FREE printable. All you need is some ribbon, a hole puncher, and some sanitizer. It’s a creative way to give out something many families NEED this season, while also staying within the spirit of Halloween. This is just so apropos this year for obvious reasons. You can find sanitizer in stock here!

Grab Some Free Halloween Printables

Another great activity is this completely free Halloween workbook. It’s got over 20 pages of activities! It’s perfect for kids that are in PreK, Kinder through 2nd, and even some high end math and writing for the third and fourth graders.

celebrating halloween during covid

There’s word problems, counting games, a CVC word game, addition/subtraction, and even making your own mini book. Check out this video on some of the fun activities you get with this free printable Halloween workbook

Do Halloween Crafts and Games

Pass the Pumpkin

Halloween Puppets

Halloween Slime

Roll a Jack o Lantern Game

Scavenger Hunt

Maze Printable Worksheets

Go On A Halloween Candy Hunt

This year, since we’re not going trick o treating with the kids we decided to do a Halloween candy hunt in our backyard. We got these and these. We’re going to fill it with candy that’s free from the top 8 allergens so we know it’s safe for our Celiac kid and we throw that around the yard. Think of it like Easter, except it is Halloween. The kids are going to have so much fun looking for all the hidden candy. Honestly, candy is the second best thing about Halloween.

The best thing about Halloween is the costumes! Make sure to follow us on Instagram to see what we decide to be for this year.


celebrating halloween during covid

I hope this post helped you brainstorm some great ways to celebrate Halloween while in quarantine. Of course, with anything you do in a social setting, please be responsible and stay safe. If you enjoyed this post about Halloween, please share it on social media or comment below with other suggestions!


    1. Simone Phillips

      OMW. This is such a great post. Thank you for sharing.

  1. Angelika

    These are al great ideas for celebrating Halloween this year! I love the movie suggestions—especially Monsters Inc.

  2. Angelika

    These are al great ideas for celebrating Halloween this year! I love the movie suggestions—especially Monsters Inc.

  3. Elizabeth

    The Halloween candy hunt is an awesome idea! It’s a great alternative to going out trick or treating.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! Make sure to buy the eggs and pumpkins NOW because it’s going to be sold out by October!

  4. Anitra

    These are really good ideas for Halloween this year, considering the times we are in!

  5. Charlotte Jones

    There are some awesome activities here. I’ve been thinking how we’re going to celebrate Halloween this year and you’ve given me some great ideas!

  6. Bjha

    Great ideas for theHalloween, my kids will love them. Thanks for sharing

  7. Laura Stotland

    Such fun and creative ideas! This will be a different Halloween for sure! 🎃

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