Chatting with Chai

Hi, I’m Maheshwari!

Welcome my little corner of the internet over here! I’m a Teacher turned SAHM. What I share on the blog is a combination of personal experience, and reading and learning from others.

My goal is to provide you with tips on creating a plan to keep your family organized, teaching your kids and keeping them engaged through play-based learning, and share bits of my everyday life with five kids under five.


Chatting with Chai: How I Can Help

This website is a place where I can share what works for us and helps us thrive as a family of 7. Just like you, I love my family and want to see them happy and successful. I believe in positive parenting and giving the tools to your children to help them learn to become independent.

Are you a teacher looking for ways to engage your preschoolers or early elementary kids? Are you a new homeschooling mom looking for creative and fun ways to make sure your kids are ready for Kindergarten? Or are you just a last-minute SAHM that’s got yoga pants covered in spit up and looking for ways to survive till nap time?


You’ve come to the right spot.

  • I share resources on how to make learning fun
  • I teach you about how to manage your schedule and tasks everyday as SAHM
  • I fun activities that I do with our babies and big kids
  • I give you tips and tricks to help foster a love for learning in your kids and students
  • I categorize all my favorite things that make learning fun for us


I publish fresh content to the Chatting with Chai blog each week. And periodically, I’ll send you my newsletter where I do giveaways every month in each newsletter.

I am a recovering perfectionist. I really do enjoy having things sorted and find disorganization to be stressful. I say this all the time, but planning and organizing is a defense mechanism to combat anxiety. Every day, I wake up and strive to make today even better.

While my goal is to keep being a better version of my self, and even as a mom of five under five, I will admit that I don’t have all the answers. But I am always willing to learn with you and share whatever resources I have. My goal is to help you become your best self and mom, whether that means helping with play time, keeping your learning organized, or even just a meme to keep you laughing – I’m here to help.


Chatting with Chai: My Story

I graduated with a degree in English and decided to go into teaching. I taught English Lit to high school kids with special needs, elementary grades, and even creative writing somewhere in between.

I have training with the Wilson Reading program and I am certified in a couple of states in various disciplines, including but not limited to teaching kids with special needs and English to grades k-12. 

I also have two kiddos of my own with different special needs so I understand their needs from a professional and personal point of view. While I won’t be describing their needs in great detail here, I do share ways that have worked for us at home.


Chatting with Chai

After we had our first set of twins, I decided to SAHM to our then three kids because traveling for work with young ones was not easy. Since becoming a SAHM, we’ve added two more kids, a second set of twins to the tribe. So we have a daughter, twin toddlers, and a second set of newborn fraternal twins!

Yep, we two sets of twins, back-to-back.

Even though I think we do pretty good in managing this chaos at home, I don’t think I know all there is to being a millennial mom. I’m learning the ropes of what it means to be a twin mom, a wife, and even me every day.

While I miss going to the bathroom alone, my life is everything that I’d ever dream of.

Speaking of me and my dreams and goals, none of this here is really possible without the help of my husband, Sanj. He is not just the coding and computer genius, but he’s just about my number one cheerleader and supporter. He works long, crazy hours and manages our other business; but he never, ever tires.