Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your BFFs: Best Galentine’s Day Presents For Your Favorite Girlfriends

Last year, I wrote a post on the best gifts to give your husband or partner for Valentine’s Day. This year, I figured I’d do a self-love or girl gang post for Galentine’s because, well, why not?

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In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept, Galentine’s Day is a made up holiday celebrated the day before the other Hallmark, made up holiday, Valentine’s Day. Jokes aside, it’s a day dedicated to celebrating all your best friends and gal pals, single or not. I think I heard about it first from this show.

Anyway, one of my girlfriends would bake everyone cookies and drop them off to our doorstep. It was the sweetest thing ever, literally. See what I did there?

We would put on our most fun (and comfortable) outfits and go to dinner somewhere in the city. We’d spend the whole night galavanting! Ultimately, we just wanted an excuse to spend time together and eat good food.

If we were the type of girlfriends that bought each other a present, here’s a list of what I’d get them!

When her man buys her flowers, see if she’ll love you more for getting her this! They offer gluten free and Vegan options, too! You can get 10% off your first order!

One of my personal favorites that I think is totally worth shipping cross-country! And they have a gluten free option!

Sonya makes these all herself! If you want to go for something more.. crass, here’s a fun option!

Did you know that within a minute, this little cube transforms any champagne to a fun flavor of your choosing! Also, it’s so small, it can fit in your pocket!

Yes, they’re known for their stylish robes and the mother-daughter combos, but did you know their lounge wear is just as awesome? I’m living for this Romper!

Know a gal pal with some anxiety? We have this bad boy for each of the kids and ourselves! GAME CHANGER. Especially because the cover is removable!

Do you have a gal pal that’s looking to make big changes in 2020? I’d def recommend this read!

I don’t really know anyone who’s not into skincare right now. This bad boy has changed my skin for the better and given me new confidence! Worth every penny! Make sure to watch my stories to see the slow-mo application!

Maybe you’re not a gift giver, but you still want to send a quick note? Check this postcard pack!!

Just from the top of my head, I can think of a whole bunch of FRIENDS that would love this shirt!

This is a good alternative for something who’s just MEH about Valentine’s Day in general.

This is a favorite set of mine and we have it on our bed!

And you can’t not get this. I know we’re already a month into the new year, but this bad boy is sooooo useful in helping to plan goals and activities! I have one and I LOVE it!

Um, if I was being honest, I don’t really trust anyone that says Tacos are only for Tuesdays. Also, if you don’t have this, how do you even use your phone?

I mean, I don’t love pizza (I know, I know..) but I do love pink so there’s this!

Typically, I don’t buy anything for myself. Usually, it’s just stuff for the house or the kids. BUT, I’m all about this list and definitely sharing it with my husband *ahem ahem*

Make sure to let me know if there are any other items you love!


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    Really cute ideas for gifts! I love the idea of “galentines day!”

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