Chatting with Chai: Volume 7

I would always read bloggers say they’ve written a certain post hundreds of too times before hitting publish because they weren’t quite sure on how to capture what they were trying to say. It was either important to them or had impacted them in a deeper way that it was difficult to articulate into words for their audience.

Now, I get it. I’ve written this post several times in an effort to draw a line between oversharing and being true to what we’re doing. Bear with me as I make an effort to be vulnerable here.

Happy Monday, y’all! I hope you’ve got your chai ready to dig into what we’ve been up to this month because it. is. good.

February was a crazy month. Okay, not that crazy, but stay-at-home-mom-of-three-kids crazy. That being said, it’s been a wild few weeks for us.

We moved. Like, sold our house, sold and packed up the stuff, got into our cars and said, “good-bye” to what we used to call home. It was a long time coming but came quickly when it did. Our goal as a family has always been to enjoy whatever journey we’re on, whatever chapter of our lives we’re in because there is always just a season for things.

As our desire to grow our family grew bigger, we realized our home was getting smaller. In a desperate attempt to find a balance between a safe environment to raise kids and wanting space, office area, or just somewhere I (and I say I, but I really mean “we” because this is something that we both felt and feel) can kick up my feet and get some alone time.

We’ve been traveling to different states, trying to figure out a new town to call home. It’s been a fun adventure.

But it’s been exhausting.

Living out of suitcases sometimes means sharing toothbrushes, smelling boxers to see if they’re clean, finding a 24-hour laundromat in the middle of the night because someone peed through the blanket, or even camping out in the middle of nowhere because you got a flat tire on a Saturday night. All true stories, in case you’re wondering.

Yea, it’s not easy as people on Instagram make it seem. Just so you know.

But it’s been fun.

And we haven’t really made a public announcement or told anyone anything simply because we have no answers.

Where are you going?

When are you leaving?

Why are you going?

Who are you staying with?

How will you get there?

How long will you be there?

idunno. I don’t know. We don’t know. We’re just kind of going with it. We’re trying to figure things along the way. And we’re scared shitless, but we’re embracing the change and uncertainty.

Currently, we’re camped out with family. We’ll be heading to Austin shortly, then making our way to Tennessee. California is on the list, too, where we’ll reconnect with family.

In the mean time, make sure to follow along on Instagram to see what we’re up to.

There is much to be said other non-move-related things so make sure you continue reading!

Reading: So, since shipping labels and moving box labels don’t count, I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I’m finally reading our mail. Look, certain things fall to the wayward side. Mail being one of them.

Watching: For our long-time followers, you know that we don’t have cable TV at home. But, now we have no home. So, we have TVs in hotel rooms. We’ve just been putting cartoons on for the kids because when you share a room with kids, the lights (and TV) goes off when the kids go to bed. Translation: I ain’t watching any TV except cartoons. Side story: Serena has never really seen regular TV so she doesn’t understand the concept of commercials. Yea, that’s been real fun.

Listening to: We’ve taken advantage of the time when the kids are sleeping in the car and we’re still driving to listen to standing order. (For those that are new and don’t know, standing order are basically motivational and leadership podcasts.) There are nights when we’re the only ones on the road and it’s been nice to have company of great friends and leaders to listen to.

Working on: I’m doing this fun thing where I’m clearing duplicate and old photos. Anyone else take screen shots of things they want to remember? Quotes you love? Fashion your want to duplicate? I do it alllll the time, too much according to the thousands of screenshots on my phone. (Probably until Instagram starts notifying people that I’m taking screen shots of their insta-stories. Yes, this is happening). Anyway, sorting through photos is super time-consuming and something I am sooo committed to organizing. Soon. As soon as we find a town to live in.

Anyway, what have you been up to?


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