Chatting with Chai : VOLUME 1

Happy Monday y’all!

I’m starting a new segment on the blog called Chatting with Chai. It’ll be posted on the first Monday of each month and it’ll just be a quick update on what I’m up to. So grab yourself some chai and let’s chat it up!


Reading: I have a whole pile of books on my nightstand that I need to get through. I have this bad habit of starting a book and getting maybe ¾ of the way through until I am kind of over it. But, I am absolutely determined to finish reading this book. I think it will really help with being a better business leader, a better blogger, and even a better mom/wife. Currently, I’m reading 3 Things Successful People Do

It goes through three key things that all leaders do that you could and should start inputting today. I’m about ½ through it already and I should have it done by the end of the week. It’s not a hard read at all. The hard part really is in practicing and applying what you read in your daily life.


Listening to: Does ABC Radio count? Haha! I don’t really get that much alone time to listen to music, but on the rare chance I do, I have started listening to rap songs on Pandora. They are really upbeat and get me awake and moving! Their song lyrics are kind of funny, too. Here’s one that I tweeted recently that was HILARIOUS and very relatable. Never heard truer words!



Watching: Don’t laugh at me, but I’ve been watching the Golden Girls while I wash dishes and bottles. I get through almost one episode each time. Those old ladies were a riot. Really, Sofia has jokes like no one’s business! I know a lot of people like to watch documentaries, romantic movies, or even trashy TV. But not me. We actually don’t even have cable TV! I would like to watch documentaries and movies but can never seem to stay awake through them. Usually takes me a month to finish one! Reality of being a parent with three under three. You can buy the whole DVD set here or subscribe to Hulu and watch all 108 episodes!


Working on: After talking to some really great moms and getting the encouragement and support from Sanj, I finally started my ebook. I can’t wait to launch it in September 2017. You’ll have to subscribe for any updates! Stay tuned!


What about you? What have you been up to lately? 


  1. The Golden Girls are fun to watch! I still remember the episode when they joined a gym – they were trying to get them to buy the workout clothes and asked what keeps their legs warm and Dorthy answered, “friction.” Still cracks me up!

  2. and if you threw a party…invited everyone ya know. Love the Golden Girls!!

  3. Haha I used to love watching the Golden Girls! *guilty pleasure* Currently hustling through move day prep dreaming of sitting back with a good book!

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