Chatting with Chai: Volume 10

Guysssssss! It’s time for the monthly recap and BOY do we have loads to catch up on! It’s actually, long overdo, but we’ve had a lot going on. I promise we have good reasons! Grab your chai and let’s get to it!

Welllllll, you seeeeee, the thing issss…. we moved! We officially have a new address in Dallas and we are super thrilled!

Okay, so what had happened was that we (really just me) felt stuck in things, felt the need to settle down somewhere. I realized that I am a person that thrives in routine and schedules. When everything is just up in the air and there is no real timeline, I get a little overwhelmed by the options of things to do. So weird, right? But apparently, lots of other people also thrive on structure, so I don’t feel that bad. Also, it just works for our family dynamics that I’m organized (and happy, haha!).

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Anyway, we travelled to Tennessee (going back there twice) but ultimately decided on Dallas. We are still planning on going to California early fall, but I can’t imagine myself packing and unpacking anytime soon! Dallas is great for us – the weather is nice, family is close by, the people are so nice, and avocados are only 4/$1!! Just stop and imagine all that gauc. GAUCCCC.

I am still trying to convince Sanj to buy a skoolie or RV and travel the world. He said in 2-5 years, we’ll do it together soooo I’ll be sure to keep you posted 🙂

We’ve since been able to do simple things like find new doctors, sign up for swim class, and even find new favorite takeout places (yay for uber eats!). It’s nice to have our bed back and have my skincare and makeup back!

The kids are adjusting slowly to the new place. They’re happy to have their own rooms and space to run around. They enjoy exploring all the different parks and amusement parks in the neighborhood.

Serena is in summer camp and enjoying making new friends. The boys are totally over going to Target and Costco with me so I’m going to start doing some light play-based learning with them. Be sure to check out my Instastories to see what we’re up to with them!

Aside from unpacking everything, (which is a lot more fun than packing everything because it’s like “OMG I FOUND MY LABEL MAKER!” or “WOW, I can’t believe I used to fit into THIS!”) we’ve just kind of been trying to figure out a way to balance working from home while also creating an environment where our kids thrive and grow.

But let me tell you… It’s. Been. So. Hard.

Like, wow.

Serena has been having difficulty settling in to her new room and sleeping through the night. Which means she’s not eating as much and throwing tantrums for the littlest thing. Last week, we were coloring in her big girl desk and chair; she dropped a Dot-A-Thingy and she F-L-I-P-P-E-D out.

And honestly, that’s not like her. She never went through “terrible twos”; it was more like “terrific twos” over here. She’s a really good eater and loves being happy. So seeing this flip side of her was really … tough. Not just because my fuse was short as a result of not sleeping through the night myself, but because it’s just hard to see your child unhappy.

After consulting with her pediatrician, we have re-sleep-trained her. I didn’t think it was even possible, to be honest. I spent days laying beside her, laying on the floor in her room, waiting outside her door, just making sure she didn’t get out.

I’m happy to report that she’s now slept through the night for a whole week since we’ve moved in and it. feels. so. good.

Anyway, it’s not easy to balance things as a work from home mom when you’re trying to hold it together with your kids. You want to be able to work so you can afford to provide great experiences for your kids, but you also know that they need you and work comes second right now. Now that Serena is in camp, I’m able to use the time the boys nap to work on projects, write, and have photo shoots. Or you know, take a nap!

So, we’ve turned the page onto a new chapter, here, in Dallas. We’re looking forward to making new connections, growing our businesses, and spending quality time with family.

Keep scrolling for a quick recap–

Reading: Y’all. Y’all. Y’alllllllll. Have you read the book Go Giver? It’s a real quick read and one that will surely change your life. It talks about the Five Laws of Success, Influence being one of the five!! Reeeeeeally great read for all Influencers out there! I picked up the importance of AUTHENTICITY from it. Who are you really? Can you share your story with others? Can you provide value? Lately, I’ve been really torn with what I do and do not share on Instagram about myself and my family. It’s been hard for me because I know there are people that I could help, but I’m also very vulnerable to exposing myself to criticism and ridicule. This book opened up my mind to doing things that add value to other peoples’ lives while remaining true to who you are. Give first and the rest will fall in to place.

Watching: We have our TVs but we don’t have cable so it’s kind of just there. We found the Apple TV but we could not find the TV remote. So basically, it’s useless until we finish unpacking! BUTTTTT we were able to watch it through our ipads by screen mirroring or whatever it’s called. We downloaded this app for kids called GoNoodle. And we’ve been having dance parties and doing yoga.

Listening to: YOOOOOOO I rediscovered my iPod from when I was in college. I had that right before we moved, but I just unpacked it and it’s feels so nice to be reunited with my jamz. I’ve started listening to that when I do dishes to take my mind off the fact that I haven’t done dishes in days. Nothing like needing a distraction from curdled milk that’s been in the sink for days. Haaaaa. Ew.

Working on: I have this detailed editorial calendar for blog posts and Instagram, but life is moving so fast that I’ve taken a lot of time just focusing on my family and self. What I’m trying to say is that I have these grand plans for my blogging business, but family always takes priority. And now that it’s the summer, we’ve kind of just been enjoying it everyday and taking it day-by-day.

So now that you basically know every detail (LOL!!), let me know in the comments what you’ve been up to!


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    Loved reading this post! And my fave part was “Give first and the rest will fall in to place.” So true!

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