Chatting with Chai: Volume 11

Heyyyy! It’s been a minute! Happy New Year and all that jazz. Hope you had a restful and merry vacation.

If you’re not following me in Instagram, then you probably missed a lot since CwC V10. Let’s see if I can numerically break it down for you.

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  1. We added a new member to our family. We added Shiva. Shiva is a German Shepherd. He’s a smart German Shepherd. He’s a smart, teething German Shepherd. He’s a smart, teething German Shepherd that escaped from his crate and ate our Montessori work bench. But, we love Shiva. So, he’s forgiven and we’re excited.
  2. We found out that our eldest daughter has Celiac Disease. She was complaining and writhing in pain that would wake her up in the middle of the night in tears from the agony. Several tests later, we now have a new diet and kitchen utensils. She is now happy. We are all now happy.

  3. Sean is in speech and food therapy to help him chew better and talk more. We’re working on some oral sensory relief for him (and, honestly, just overall sensory release and relief) so I think we’re doing good moving forward. These sensory chew toys have been really helpful! Oh, and these little suckers.

Reading: My sister shared this book on Instagram. I watched Amazon for the lowest price and finally bought the hardcover book when it went on sale. Which, by the way, it’s on sale right now! I’m about half-way through it now but it’s nice to read some real stories on motherhood. I’d definitely recommend it.

Watching: YOOOOOO did you know that Jeopardy is now on Netflix? So, aside from watching Team Umi Zoomi, I’ve been catching up on Jeopardy while cooking dinner. Makes me realize that I need to start reading more. Maybe even get some flashcards and join a trivia team that meets on Thursday nights and has endless queso. Maybe?

Listening to: So this is kind of rip off because it’s a book, but since we have Amazon Prime, we also have access to Audible. The first book you can get there for free so I started listening to this book on strategies to develop your child’s mind. It’s on sale right now! I only can listen to it when I’m folding laundry and once the kids are asleep and no one is trying to steal my phone and headphones. So, I basically listen to it once every other laundry week.

Working on: Well, I’m working on myself. Is that an okay answer here? My word for 2019 is unapologetic. I talked about it a lot on my Instagram. I have made such poor choices in the past and find myself constantly punishing myself still for a time when I was a different person. So this year is about forgiving myself and just being unapologetic. My video shows my double chin? Not sorry. My tattoos offend you? Not sorry. Tired of seeing the backs of my kids’ heads? Not sorry. I’m just gonna work on having my own posture and creating an environment where I can thrive. *mic drop*

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