Chatting with Chai: Volume 12

OMGGGGG! It’s been a hot minute since my last update in January.

If you’re seeing my latest Instagram post, we’ve moved.. again.

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But this time, we stayed in the same town (Dallas), only five minutes away, but just into a house instead of an apartment. We desperately wanted something with a yard for the kids and for Shiva. I never realized that moving is super expensive. You would have thought I would have figured it out when we moved across the country last year and spent $10K doing that; but I just kind of figured that it was because we were literally going across the country. Turns out, even if you move five minutes away, you still have to pay up a pretty penny. Also, it’s just as much of a pain packing, labeling, and loading. I’ll share a blog post on some moving and packing hacks that we’ve learned in the past few years. Did you know that in the past 6 years, Sanj and I have moved 4 times and lived in 4 different cities? So, yea, I guess I have some experience in this department!

2. We started swim class for all the kids. If you know anything about my kids, they were not fans of water hitting their face, but they are fearless about “swimming” in Grandma and Grandpa’s pool. One of my biggest fears is drowning and because my kids are soooo brave (READ: so ratchet) and want to go into the pool themselves, I decided that it’s super important to focus on learning, no matter how hard or long it is. (That’s what she said!)

Our new house is gluten free. That’s right, we’ve gone completely GF at home (except for certain things like medication for me or the boys and my skincare). It’s been a tough adjustment because we realized after the fact that we can’t have a lot of our favorite foods delivered anymore. This was so apparent in the move when I desperately wanted Lo Mein but it just wasn’t worth risking any cross contamination. I’m actually working on a post on how to identify Celiac disease, top 5 products that have gluten in it and you probably never realized, and even easy ways to make your home GF. Stay tuned!

Other than that, here’s what I’ve been up to myself…

Reading: OMG OMG OMG OMG. I have been looking for the ultimate book that would re-ignite my passion for reading and THIS BOOK is it! It’s 50% off right now! I love how she learned so much, even considering how she grew up. It’s a memoir so it’s not fiction, but it was a super easy read and I felt like she and I became friends at the end. Kind of makes sense why she’s on the NYTimes Best Sellers list!

Watching: Right now, we’re not watching anything because we have been TV-less for the whole month of January. It was challenging with the kids in the beginning, but they’ve stopped asking to watch it really. I, however, did recently finish watching this show on my iPad. Honestly, I love that she’s a leading lady that doesn’t “need to be saved” and she’s not shown as a victim.

Listening to: Besides standing order, not much. Oh, I am kind of hooked on this old song by Post Malone. But, there just hasn’t been much down time to relax and listen to podcasts or books on tape.

Working on: My poshmark closet! In packing again, I decided that it’s finally time to part with clothes that I’m not longer wearing. Corporate America is not someplace I’m returning to anytime soon so do I really need dress pants and stockings? Not that I’m selling my old pantyhose on Poshmark; ew, don’t be weird. But, I am definitely working on selling and filtering my closet to practical daily wear. Make sure you follow my closet to see what I’ll be selling! It’s a mess right now, but I’ll get there!

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