Christmas Printables of 12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Activities and free printables

And we have reached the long-awaited end of the 12 Days of Christmas Activities!


Our daughter goes to school part-time; she’s home with me on Fridays and today just happened to be ugly sweater day. I know she was excited to show her friends her Christmas clothes and be super festive for the holidays, but we weren’t able to go in today. I did, however, make it up to her by letting her color ugly sweaters for Christmas. You’ll see what I’m talking about on today’s free Christmas printables. Your free Christmas printable can be found here.

Christmas Coloring Pages

These free printables are the perfect end to the series because they’re super fun. There are several coloring pages that kids can color while watching movies or talking about Santa coming on Christmas Eve. It keeps the kids engaged and excited for the holidays!

Thank you all for joining me, encouraging me, and emailing me sweet pictures of your children working on the free printables. I have learned a lot from blogging daily and, while it’s been fun, I will be taking some time off until after Christmas to focus on time with family. Enjoy the holidays and new year!

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