Christmas Printables of 12 Days of Christmas

Christmas tree size order

Helllllooooo! What is up, my friends?

Thanks for coming back and joining us on Day 2 of “12 Days of Christmas Activities.” I am super pumped about sharing Christmas printables for you to work on with your preK toddler. Currently, I am not a qualified expert in preschool education, but we are learning and excited to become better.

As you know, I was a high school teacher to kids with special needs so letter sounds, sadly, is not that new to me. But I do have more experience teaching higher order thinking to older kids. Becoming a SAHM was not always part of the plan, but I am loving that I get to watch my children grow in front of me! It’s fun for sure, but it’s definitely tiring. I like to kick my feet up whenever I can; which is honestly why I decided to come up with this free printable series for 12 days: I just want to keep them engaged, learning, and off screens.

christmas tree

These homeschool activities and free printables are really for kids that are between 3-4 years. It’s a great way for them to practice skills like matching, memory, using a scissor, counting, pattern recognition, etc. We love working on alphabets and alphabet sounds.

You can find Day Two’s free Christmas Printable here. It’s a great activity that will help your preschooler understand order and size differences. We work on size order of Christmas trees. Speaking of, are you putting up a Christmas tree this year? We typically go all out (and we might still this year), but right now, I think we’re going to put this tree up since we’ll be starting a kitchen renovation soon.

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