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Learning to sequence and put things in order

One of my favorite things to do with Serena was her use her imagination. She makes me a muffin in her play kitchen or has a conversation on her play phone with grandma. That’s one of the magical things about being a SAHM, you are witness to the literal development of your child, mentally, emotionally, and obviously, physically.  I️ love that she is using her imagination to play as it’s a necessary skill in language development.


Paired with imaginative play is sequencing: what happened first, second, third. You mix the ingredients for the muffin, then put in in the oven, then put it on a plate, then eat it. Learning can be anywhere and anything! It’s important because as they learn to talk, they can communicate events that took place in the correct order. Learning to sequence things is also important for when they need to say the alphabet and string together words that make a sentence. Learning about sequences is crucial to communicating.

Today’s free printable focuses on just that: sequencing. The best part is that there is no right answers. Which is not to say there are no wrong answers, just that kids should be encouraged to use their imagination to complete the sequence.

You can find today’s free printable here.

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