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Tracing PreK Printable

Happy hump day, y’all! On Wednesdays, we have this thing where we wear pink! It’s a lot of fun. The boys have outgrown their pink onesies so I’m in the hunt for some more for them.

Do you guys do anything fun or special on Wednesdays?


If you’ve got nothing going on (actually, even if you do), check out the next activity in our 12 Days of Christmas Activities! There’s a mouse, an icy lake, and the goal is tracing the lines so that the mouse can get to the other side! It’s super easy, super quick, and super fun!

This is probably one that you want to put into a slip cover or laminate so that you can use again and again. Tracing squiggly lines, curves, zig zags is the precursor to learning to write. If you focus on the smaller things that increase the fine motor skills, when it actually comes time to holding a pencil and writing, their pincer grasp and penmanship will be better.

Click here for a free Christmas printable to get you through this hump day slump!

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tracing printable


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