Christmas Printables of 12 Days of Christmas

Free printable for Christmas, Day 6

Yipppeee! We’re half way there! Thank you to every one that has joined us on this 12-day journey, filled with lots of activities and learning.

It’s been fun watching Serena do the printables (or at least practice things like coloring, tracing, and cutting). It’s also nice to kick my feet up when she’s busy. But in honesty, this daily blog post journey has also been a learning experience for me. It has required me to be diligent with my posting, hyper-vigilant of my grammar, and more interactive with my audience on Instagram and Facebook.


Anyway, Today’s free printable can be found here and it focuses on recollection and the alphabet. Did you know that memory is a learned skill? You can practice by playing games such as card games, Simon Says, Telephone, and even dancing. All of these are beneficial when adding lots of visual cues.

Being able to say the alphabet is awesome, but being able to recall the alphabet out of context (as in, some letters missing) is key. What comes after K? What comes before W? Visualizing that and recalling that is really important and this free printable helps with just that!

free printable

Practicing memory and recall with kids in preschool will help them become better spellers and readers later on in life. It also helps with visuospatial development in young kids, helping them with things like balance and direction.

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