Christmas Printables of 12 Days of Christmas

Celebrating Christmas with kids

Remember when we were all young and all about “Tuesday Boozeday“? Now, I’m all like “Tuesday Snoozeday?!” Man, times have changed!

Anyway, it’s been a busy week here, at home. The kitchen is almost finished. This kitchen renovation, like most, has had a few glitches and in hind sight, was probably ill-timed, but alas, here we are, Taco Bell for dinner the third time this week. Not sure what we were thinking what a kitchen renovation was going to look like between Thanksgiving and Christmas with kids. Another lesson learned, I suppose!

Anyway, the presents are wrapping themselves because I’ve just about had it with paper cuts. I did, however, order some yummy sugar Christmas cookies from a local baker. Basically, we’re getting things done, or kind of.

Well, most things.. we still haven’t put up our Christmas tree. Quite honestly, with three toddlers and a kitchen reno, I think we’re just going to do this Christmas Tree instead. Real life here.


Kitchen Renovation

We are, however, using today’s free printable to count out our Christmas tree lights. I swear, this time last year, Serena didn’t know how to count past 8. Such an odd (or maybe even, get it? haha!) number to only know up to; but this year, she can count to twenty! This fun Christmas printable is a great way to start getting festive and celebrating Christmas with kids. And it’s teaching them through play. We have even used pompoms on top of the lights to make it more fun!

Christmas Lights

I hope you guys are having a great time doing these free printables and that they’re buying you enough time to catch up on Instastories. Listen, every free minute counts!

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Christmas Freebie

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