Counting with Golf Balls and Buttons

As much as I want to, I can’t take credit for this activity. I saw Beth over at Days with Grey on Instagram do it with her son and I thought it’s a great way for me to practice with Serena.

We bought the golf balls from a thrift store. There were two huge bags (maybe like 40 balls) for $10. I’m not really familiar with golf retail so I’m not sure if that was a steal or not, but I know that I needed them and they were there! They were a little dirty so we spent one day to wash the balls with a toothbrush in the tub. Serena enjoyed giving the balls a bath. Sounds weird when you read it aloud, but in context, it makes sense!

We later them out to dry in the sun room for a day or two. Actually, if I’m being honest here, it’s more like a week because life got busy and mama forgot!

I started stashing empty egg cartons long time ago so I had a few lying around. You simply take a permanent marker and put a number from 1 to 12 in each space of the egg carton. Then copy those same numbers on the golf balls themselves with permanent marker.


All Serena had to do was read aloud the number on the ball and find the matching spot in the egg carton. When she was done, it was like she had a dozen eggs numbered 1 to 12! This activity is great for re-purposing household items and making learning a fun activity.

I found that getting ping pong balls from Dollar Tree works just as well. As do the buttons from Dollar Tree! Serena loves organizing them by color, but for this activity, we counted the amount and put it in each individual carton.

I hope you enjoy this quick counting and numbering matching activity. We had lots of fun and hope you do, too!

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