Chatting with Chai

Chatting with Chai: Volume 18

December, I’m so glad you’re here!

Woo hoo, who’s ready for the “new year new me,” posts? LOLJK. This year it’s more like FU2020 posts that are going to start popping up all over the internet.

I’ve been thinking a long time, reflecting here with the chai that’s burnt my tongue and silenced me indefinitely. This year was good to us. It was hard AF, don’t get me wrong. But we counted our blessings twice this year. If you know, you know.

There was a lot of growth, a lot of recovery, a lot of healing that happened behind closed doors. There’s little things that go unnoticed by your friends and some things your repeat for your family. There’s things that you work on with a therapist or medication.

For a long time, I felt so trapped in how I should present myself to the world. I’m rough around the edges, that’s not new news. But I did so many things this year that I wasn’t quite sure I could. I delivered twins ABSOLUTELY alone via c-section. I sold over 500 Diwali workbooks in one month. And yes, like you, I have fed my kids 6,979,879 snacks in quarantine. And lest we forget the laundry.

But in all seriousness, this was a hard year for us. Being in quarantine with 5 kids, including two kids with different special needs and two newborns, did not go without sacrifice. There was a lot of tears, but twice as many cuddles.

There is just so much to say about 2020, but I’m going to stop here. Let’s get to the good stuff.


What I’m Reading

Bro, I’mma keep it real here and let you know that I’m not reading anything right now aside from the one book that is in my book of the month club. I realized that I have so many things on my plate right now and unfortunately, I have limit things that I do until 2021. The end of the year is always such a rush for me. There’s always so much to wrap up. Ehhhhh, see what I did there? Puns my middle name.

It’s not. I’m just punny.

HA. Arrite, well for the three of you that are still reading (Hey, Anandi! – omg see what I did there, AGAIN?!), I’ll be moving right alone along…


What I’m Watching on Netflix

Guys, everyone in the world talked about Gambit and how it was a must see. Don’t hate me (I mean you can if you want, but just keep coming back to check my blog posts because hello, views) but I did not like it. The storyline was good considering that it was about you know, chess. BUT COME ON, that ending was soooo rushed. Like this one chick that she was with growing up all of the sudden shows up randomly? NICE TRY. I can’t even get my mom to visit, forget about some old childhood friend. Okay, enough of my haterade. Carry on with the post, y’all.


What Podcast I’m Listening to

I want to say that I’ve been listening to music or a fun book while working. But the honest answer is, I’ve just been listening to podcasts that can add value to my life. Using my time wisely and drinking the good kool-aide, you know?

Of course, I’m still listening to Tilt and Dr. Greene; but we also started listening to podcasts with the kids. We’ve added Wow in the World by NPR, Circle Round by wbur, and the Sparkle Stories Podcast. If you’re new to listening to podcasts with your kids, I recommend listening to their favorite TV show with the TV OFF first (so it’s just sound and no video). Look, if your TV doesn’t do that, do what I did and connect your phone to bluetooth speakers and put your phone down once you turn on Puppy Dog Pals. (HEY BINGO FANS, LOVE YOU.)

Get them into the habit of it and then slowly change the audio to be something else that would be interesting. And remember to build up their stamina to podcasts slowly. Start with 5-10 minutes first and then slowly work your way up to the full episode. Are there any podcasts that you love or your kids love?


What Project I’m Working on

I’m almost done planning the big content and themes for 2021 for Chatting with Chai. Which, by the way, took forever and a half because HELLO ADHD. Anyway, I have soooo many fun and free things coming to the library. I know you guys are excited, too!

Until next month year… stay well, friends.


PS- sorry for no pictures, mama is tired. okurbye.

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