The Dollar Tree Alphabet Notebook

Do you guys have a Dollar Tree near you? We are so lucky that we live within twenty minutes of a bunch. And by a bunch, I mean like 7. Isn’t that crazy? We don’t live in a major city, but we do live fairly close to a few. I love to go there and check out learning materials they have there.

You mean I can get a pack of animal flash cards for a dollar? A DOLLAR? A DOLLAR? [fast forward to 2:30]

I even sometimes get dishes and plates to stage food pictures in. I mean for a dollar, YOU CAN’T GO WRONG!

This one time, we decided that being in my third trimester with twins wasn’t enough for us, we needed to put our house on the market and have a garage sale to purge. So we headed to the Dollar Tree and got the obnoxious neon price signs, you know, the ones that are labeled 25 cents, $1, etc.? And we got the garage sale sign that you can push into the ground.

Fast forward a year, we had the boys, didn’t sell the house and I have no idea where that sign is. BUT I FOUND THOSE LITTLE STICKERS and put them to good use! Basically, I went back to Dollar Tree and I got a gold glitter-covered notebook because it was for A DOLLA! (Okay, I’ll stop now.. maybe..) and decided that we were going to practice our alphabets and learn some letters and sounds through pictures.

I took any old marker (try not to use permanent marker because it will bleed through the pages) and drew dotted lines for an “A”. She uses the leftover garage sale stickers from Dollar Tree to trace the A. If you don’t have circular stickers, don’t worry; you can use any smaller stickers. The goal here is to practice hand-eye coordination, and practice the tracing of the letter.

On the next page, and with the same marker, I drew out several smaller As. These, she was supposed to trace with a pencil I bought her, but she insisted on using a crayon. Sometimes, you gotta pick your battles!

Think of the above page as a sort of a “letter search” instead of a word search. She had to put a sticker on top of every (in this case “A”) that she found. I noticed that she is great at recognizing the capital A but not that great at recognizing the lower case a. We are definitely going to be practicing visual recognition of lower case letters at home this year!

We then came to the meat of the the Alphabet Notebook. I created this free Alphabet workbook and graphics to go along with it. If you’re not already a subscriber, please be sure to subscribe below or click here. You can get a sneak peak in these pictures below but it’s a 52-page workbook with full-page color pictures that your kids can practice cutting. My daughter loooooves to cut, but you can see that she still needs practice on holding the scissor! All the graphics are sorted by sound and you can review the image with your child.

Serena loves saying the new words aloud, but her favorite part is gluing it into her notebook. I swear that girl would put glue in her hair if I wasn’t watching her. She loves this stuff!

Anyway, it looks a lot like this. Kind of sloppy, kind of cute.

There’s more tracing, more identifying. This Dollar Tree DIY Alphabet Mega Notebook will really help your preschooler work on the following skills:

  • recognizing letters
  • practicing letter sounds
  • learning new vocabulary
  • honing fine motor skills
  • having fun screen-free time

Hope you guys love the Dollar Tree Alphabet Notebook. Please leave a comment and let me know what you love!

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