family meeting agenda ideas

Family Meeting Agenda Ideas + A Free Printable

Family meeting agenda ideas and a free printable for your Sunday family meeting with young kids

I once had a friend that was married before me. I was single and didn’t have any love on the horizon. I asked her to join me and some girls for Sunday boozy brunch; she declined, saying that she has a family meeting Sunday mornings with her husband and puppy.

I always thought it was weird, like what the hell do you need to have a meeting for? And why do you want your dog there?

Fast forward ten years, here I am having a Sunday meeting with my husband, kids, and dog.


Why We Have a Family Meeting

I know you’re thinking, why do you have a weekly family meeting with everyone? Can’t you just text your husband whatever he needs to do?

Yes, I probably could. But why do everything through just a text?

For us, showing solidarity as a family is important.

Family meetings show our kids that as husband and wife, we’re both on the same page. Not just with how we parent and what our core beliefs are, but also what our goals are and how we choose to execute daily tasks.

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And as a mom with ADHD with kids with special needs, it’s important for me to teach them strategies for executive function that I never learned growing up. When they get to high school and have several assignments and due dates for things they need to achieve, they will *hopefully* be more organized with their activities and assignments. With setting up family meetings this yearly, when they are just young kids, I am setting up foundations for success and leadership.

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Agenda Ideas for the Family Meeting

This is our general agenda:

Compliments From the Previous Week

We want our kids to focus on the positive and so we start off each family meeting with compliments from the previous week and what worked well.

Share What We Need to Improve

Here, we give the kids an opportunity to tell us what was hard from the previous week and if anything is upsetting them. This conversation usually is around losing a toy or not wanting to eat a certain meal.

Discuss Goals For The Next Week

Sanj and I both set goals for our businesses. Without clarity in what you want to achieve, you will be unable to outline what you need to do. This is a skill we want our children to learn and apply in their lives as they grow older. That being said, we have each of the kids go over one to two goals they want to work on. It may look like this:

I want to color inside the lines.

I will not have any bathroom accidents.

I will finish all my food on time.

I will share new toys.

I will read a new book.

It’s not heavy goals. They’re like 4 and 6. But it’s a stretch for them and we want them to go through the process of setting goals and stretching to achieve them.

Review Basic Information and Go Over Safety Rules

This is super duper important for us. Our kids are young, but we want them to know their address, phone number, and what to do in case of an emergency. We’re still working on fire safety and a safety plan for the house, but we practice this every single day.

Calendar of Events and Coloring Pages

At this point, I feel like our kids tune out. We do like to include them in things coming up, but we generally talk between ourselves while they work on coloring pages or activities I’ve prepared.

Here, I go over important appointments for therapy (or other doctors’ appointments), and business appointments; and Sanj and I finalize the meal plan (he cooks a lot so it’s important that he’s involved in the planning). Since we have a big family and it’s just the two of us (we have no nanny and no family that lives with us), we have to work with each other to coordinate schedules for pick up and drop offs. Who is going to pack lunch today? What time can you leave to pick up the kids? I need to shower this morning so you make breakfast.

Running a house and having a large family does take time. For me, planning things out and being organized is important to the success in the home. It’s not flawless, but we are working on it and involving our kids as much as we can.

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Getting Ready to Use the Freebie

What’s Included:

  • Goal Setting Sheet
  • Basic Info Checklist
  • Previous Week in Review
  • Calendar of Events

What Else You’ll Need:

  • Your self and family!
  • If you’re using it on your iPad, you’ll need an iPencil and GoodNotes

How To Use It

We have a folder with coloring pages and activities that I can just pull from for the kids. I also have the first page of sheets printed out. Since all of our kids cannot write yet, giving them their own clipboard does nothing for them and wastes paper. If I give them one sheet to work on, they feel like they have contributed to the meeting and added value.

Since these are PDF, I add them to my planner sheets on my iPad. I have a section in my iPad for family meetings where I document and keep track of everything.

Family Meeting Agenda PDF

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Family Meeting Agenda Ideas

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  1. Carrie Pankratz

    I love the idea of a family meeting for family solidarity. It’s also great to get my husband and me on the same page. We do budget meetings, I think I will need to incorporate some of this into our life. 🙂 I love the coloring pages.

    1. That’s amazing! Let me know how it goes. Our kids tend to zone out after the schedule so we haven’t included the budget but that is a great idea!

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