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Free Ice Cream Games for Kids

Printable with Free Ice Cream Games for National Ice Cream Cone Day

Do you guys celebrate holidays like National Taco Truck or Black Cat Day? We have celebrated holidays like National Pizza Day because, duh, and Drop Your Kids to Grandparents Day (it’s not really a thing but it totally should be, lol!!!).

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Free Ice Cream Games for National Ice Cream Cone Day

Yea, it’s really a thing, dude! It’s still hot here, in Dallas, so we’re still pretty much having ice cream as a mid afternoon snack to cool down on the weekends. My wheels started spinning and I thought, “How could I turn this into a learning activity with Math and Literacy games?”

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In this workbook with free ice cream games, you’ll find many math and literacy activities and games to play with your child. There is also a section where you’ll be able to make a mini ice cream number book for your preschooler if you’re homeschooling and not sending them to PreK. Honestly, these activities are SO simple that you can probably even do it as an after school activity while they’re having some healthy snacks.

Ice Cream Math and Literacy Games

If you have a three year old that’s ready to start learning, I’d recommend starting with basics like shapes, numbers, and letters. By the end of Kinder, a neuro-typical child should know how to count to 20. If you start at age 3 or 4, which is typically when most (not all) kids start getting excited about playing and learning, that gives you plenty of time to start teaching numbers and counting to 20. Neuro-typical kids should also be able to identify the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make by end of Kinder, or age 7.

The activities in these free printables are for ages 3-6 because I know that different students and children are on different learning curves. They will help the child or student match beginning sounds to capital and lower case letters, identify numbers and different ways they are represented, and even practice spelling out their name.

free ice cream games

Getting Ready to Use the Ice Cream Math and Literacy Games:

What’s Included:

  • Mini Numbers Book
  • A Number Game/Activity
  • A Literacy Game/Activity
  • A Name Spelling Game/Activity

What Else You’ll Need:

And a toddler, of course 🙂

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How To Use It

The complete directions are including in a parent and teacher guide in the first few pages of the workbook. To prepare the activities, I suggest printing them in color on white card stock or printing on regular paper and laminating it so it’s durable and reusable.

You’ll need to cut out all the ice cream scoops and cones. To me, that’s probably the most tedious part; but if you’re not new here and you’ve been homeschooling for a while, the laminator is already your best friend. For the mini numbers book, you’ll just need to print and staple it before you start using it.

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free ice cream games

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