India’s Independence Day Games and Activities for Kids

Ways to learn about and celebrate India’s Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to India! Well, I’m a liindttle early, but that’s because I wanted to get this post up and shared in time.

India’s official Independence Day was on August 15, 1947. That makes it 73 years already! Wow!

india's independence day

Celebrating India’s Independence Day

How you ever asked yourself, “How do you celebrate India’s Independence?” In Jersey, we’ve only ever gone to a parade that has performances, fireworks, and lots of food trucks. Turns out, celebrating in India is not that different. To celebrate India’s Independence Day, you wear the colors of the Indian flag, fly kites or the flag around your neighborhood, and watch the Prime Minister rise the flag over the Red Fort.

I’ve mentioned over and over throughout the blog that it’s really important to our family to teach our kids important virtues, values, and their heritage. Honestly, we are Hindu, but we don’t regularly go to the Mandir (I mean, we don’t even go out for groceries right now!); we do, however, take the idea of raising good, well-rounded humans seriously.

That’s why I decided to create a printable and share the story of the India’s Independence and how we celebrate. You can find it here. The workbook is over 20 pages and includes things like facts about India, a story on how India got its independence with the help on Gandhi, games, worksheets, and even coloring pages!

The best thing about this ultimate workbook is that it’s a perfect activity for kids ages 3-5. It goes over basic skills important in PreK and Kindergarten such as tracing, reviewing vocabulary, and identifying patterns.

There are even large coloring pages that can keep the younger kids engaged and familiar with important images like Gandhi, the map of India, and lotus.

india's independence day

Getting Ready to Use India’s Independence Day Workbook

What’s Included:

  • 4 pages that tell you facts about India

  • 5 pages that tell you how India got its Independence

  • 3 games (see instructions below)

  • 3 worksheets

  • 5 coloring pages

What Else You’ll Need:


How To Use It

The complete directions are including in a parent and teacher guide in the first few pages of the workbook. To prepare the activities, I suggest printing them in color on white card stock or printing on regular paper and laminating it so it’s durable and reusable.

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india's independence day

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Download the India’s Independence Day Workbook

You can purchase and download the complete workbook here

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