7 Kindergarten Writing Prompts with Pictures for Fall

Writing made easy with these kindergarten writing prompts with pictures

Do you love Fall? I absolutely love the heat, but this was a super hot summer so I welcomed cooler temps here, in Dallas. I know people think of Spring to be the season of beginnings because the world is literally coming back alive; but to me, that’s Fall.

Fall is the beginning of the new school year. And for any teacher, that change of season marks the beginning of new students, beginning of the holidays, beginning of so much fun learning.

kindergarten writing prompts with pictures

Kindergarten Writing Prompts with Pictures

I’ve created a booklet for this Fall, including a writer’s checklist and 7 unique prompts that encourage children to use their imagination and tell silly stories.

While I say these writing prompts with pictures are for KG, it can be used for early elementary and any other student that is still learning. My 6 year old is learning to write the story she wants to tell using the vocabulary and word bank provided and she’s in 1st grade. My 4 year old has almost gotten the hang of it. So as always, you know the learning curve of your students and child so do what works best for you!

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Writing a Narrative

“Writing a narrative” is a fancy way of saying “tell a story.” A simple way to start writing a narrative is to focus on the sequence of events, or in other words, have them tell you what happened “first, next, then, and in the end.”

As a precursors to writing the narrative, you want to practice oral story telling. With the use of story cards, you can build up the imagination and confidence of a child by focusing on things like who, what, where, and when. With foundations like that, you can move on to things like character, setting, problem, and solution.

The greatest thing about this booklet is that it provides lists for kids. There is a writer’s checklist included that goes over important things you need to have in any sentence. There’s ALSO a checklist of helping words on each page that are supposed to guide them in their story-telling. It’s not mandatory to use the words, but they’re helpful hints to boost kids in the right direction.

The sentences starters on each page and the picture in the writing prompt with the checklist gives children a visual representation in their mind to kickstart the story. Giving kids in kindergarten a writing prompt with a picture is proven to increase the written output.

kindergarten writing prompts with pictures

Getting Ready to Use the Freebie

What’s Included:

  • Writer’s Checklist
  • 7 different writing prompts with pictures
  • Wordbank and sentence starters

What Else You’ll Need:

Nothing! This is a No-Prep Packet which means all you need to do is print it out and share it with your students or kids!

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Fall Writing Prompts

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kindergarten writing prompts with pictures

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