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Twins and Toddler: Unbelievable Life Update

Life update with toddler and twins – 4 months

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I went out.

I actually got to go out to a sit-down restaurant and have warm food served to me. Granted I could have done that earlier because my husband is really just that awesome, but in my heart I would not have felt comfortable. Knowing me, I would have been checking the Nest cam and texting him every 10 minutes for a status update and ask for pictures because I’m that insecure.

But I was ready. I was ready to break free and not check cameras or give directions to Sanj or get text updates. I got dressed, kissed my kiddos, got into the car, and sped off!

I had some quality time with my galpals and it was nice. In between mouthfuls of spinach and artichoke dip, someone asked, “Does it get easier?” You know, because by the second kid you should kind of have some idea of what you’re doing, right? And here’s my response:



It never gets easier, you just get better.

It never gets easier, you just get better.

It never gets easier, you just get better.

Month 4

We’re in month 4 now with three kids three and under, including a set of twins, and it’s not exactly easy, but we’re getting into our rhythm. If you remember from my last post, I had a lot of anxiety about having the twins and just being able to handle all three kids alone all day while being new to the whole SAHM gig. I still have anxiety, don’t misunderstand; but I’ve gotten better at managing.

I always knew that one day I wanted to be a SAHM; I just never knew how hard it actually was, especially with more than one kid. Now that the boys have a more defined schedule, I am able to work it out around Serena’s schedule.

She knows what activities she can do while I feed them (which now takes me a total for 25 mins, including diaper changes!) and what snacks to eat if she’s hungry at the same time. Getting all three of them on the same schedule has really been the key. It’s hard in the beginning because everyone needs you at the same time, but it gets better.

Anyway, I’ve set up learning and play stations for her around the basement so it’s all for her. We have weekly lesson plans (which I will start sharing in the free library!) and lots of fun arts and crafts for her so she’s not in front of the TV all day.

homeschool preschool

But is it easy? No, not really. I still wake up super early to get my “me time” in and shower. I still stay up late so I can work on the blog, lesson plan to homeschool my preschooler, and spend time with Sanj.

I don’t think parenting is really ever easy. I think you just kind of figure your way out every day, and you just get better. The day Sanj’s parents left and we dropped them off at the airport, we came home and had that “oh shit” moment because we were on our own.


And now for the updates you really came here for:

  1. The twins both laugh a real, deep, heart-felt laugh now and it brings me so much joy.
  2. When moms with more than three kids say that they hate doing laundry, now I totally get why. It just never ends.
  3. I now only reheat my chai twice in the mornings. It’s basically magical.
  4. Serena is learning so much: talking a million words a minute, understanding different emotions and appropriate reactions, learning strict boundaries. It’s so amazing to see someone literally grow up before your eyes. It’s exhausting, but right now, I don’t think I would have it any other way.
  5. Sanj and I went on our first non-business, kid-less date. Man, the newborn stage can take a toll on your relationship. Different schedules, limited sleep (if any), no (hot) food. Also, there’s that inability to realize you haven’t brushed your teeth all day or showered in two days and probably should make your way to the bathroom.

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