Summer Skincare Must Haves

Y’all. It was like 115 degrees in Dallas the other afternoon. I was like

See, we’re originally from the east coast, where the hottest it’s probably gotten is the high 90s. I’ve mentioned this before, but we were really not prepared for the summer here. Especially one that’s this hot!

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If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I can’t swim. However, I do go into the pool with the kids when they go to swim classes and the kiddie pool. So, I’m not a real swimmer (which I know, I need to take classes!), but I do make an effort to get my head and face under water.

Well, making this a twice weekly thing has taken a toll on my skin. Since we’re not used to the heat, and really not used to the pool water, I knew I had to look into some serious summer skincare.

Fast-forward to the start of summer and I’ve been using the Artistry Hydra-V line for almost a month. It includes the following:

Foaming Cleanser: there’s fresh, Norwegian fjord water with oat extract to clean all skin types.

Toner: y‘all know that toner is a must. I mean, there is no way you can avoid this step. There is really only SO much that your cleanser can take off. This step captures the rest of whatever the cleanser missed. The alcohol-free formula with red algae extract helps retain the moisture already in the skin.

Serum :there are tiiiiny, little blue beads that burst to release vitamins A, C, and E. THIS is what helped my skin get that silky, beautiful glow.

Day/Night Moisturizer: made with blue lotus flower extracts to calm and enrich the skin. You see 184% increase in hydration after just one use. After one month, I was able to see significant improvement in the suppleness and texture of my skin, especially considering the damaging pool water and sun exposure.

What I love about this line by Artistry is that my skin feels like it can breathe. The pool water, the chlorine, the sun — they all make it so dry and .. tight. Such a weird word to describe it, right? But my skin does feel tight after I get out of the pool. That’s why I always make sure to rejuvenate myself after I shower.

What do you guys like to use for skincare in the summer?

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