Teaching Toddlers: Sharing is Not Always Caring

Happy February, everyone! Hope you guys have been enjoying the first week of February. I would say we have been practicing the whole “Sharing is caring” mantra all month up in this hizzouse (yes, I really do say this aloud in person. and yes, I will be that parent that embarrasses their kids.) but that would be a lie.

This month has just been a crazy month and we’re basically in survival mode. More to come on that in the Chatting with Chai post coming up.

Anyway, as you know, we have twins. And the twins were born with allergies that we did not know about. Any pediatric allergist will tell you that you will not get accurate results on food test until the age of 1.

Unfortunately, by then, the body has already identified certain allergies so it works against your favor. In other words, you know your child has an allergy, but the doctor tells you that you can test accurately and you must keep giving the allergens for the first year. Which, honestly, is like torture for the parents because it’s like torture for the kids. That’s a whole ‘nother post.

Anyyyyyway, since they’ve been born and around, Serena knows not to touch them when she touches certain foods. She knows not to share certain foods and toys with them. This, for us, has been life-saving. Literally.

Sharing is caring, yes. But, sharing can also be dangerous so yea, sharing is not always caring. At least up in this hizzouse. Yea….

In my next post, I’ll go over how we taught Serena the concept of sharing and patience. Great tips coming your way!


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