Free Thanksgiving Printables

There are so many labels out there for moms: Stay-at-home-mom, working mom, schedule mom, helicopter mom, etc. The label that fits me best? Last-minute mom!

Seriously, I haven’t even gone shopping for Thanksgiving yet. I worked with my sister to finalize the menu and then went to Wegman’s to go shopping andddddd well, apparently, the twins didn’t get the memo that we were going out in public and tantrums are not cool in the middle of the baking aisle.

Sooo yea. Last-minute mom here!!

Anyway, the reason I bring this up and that I usually start planning for holiday crafts welllll in advance. Generally because I will find any excuse to go to Michael’s or Target to go shopping for art supplies. This time, though, this time I kind of fell a little behind on a big holiday craft.


(and that’s big but)

I did create a lot of free (ding! ding! ding!) printables for Serena to work on. You can find them all by subscribing and logging in.

I hope these printables keep your kids distracted long enough for you to have some warm paneer… I mean turkey.

Gobble gobble, my fellow last minute moms!

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