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Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts: A Turkey Feathers Colors Primer

Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts are always fun to do in the classroom or at home, especially when it involves a turkey feathers colors primer! 

The holiday season is such a fun time to learn about food, history, and colors. Kids love the arts and crafts that we do, especially when we use different materials and sensory bins.

thanksgiving activities

Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts

Right now, we’re working on some basic reading skills and using some eagle eyes to fill out the gaps in our reading. That’s why I geared this Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts around reading and colors!

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Turkey Feathers Colors Primer

This mini book is great because it goes over the colors, underlining the key word on each page, while also helping them learn to read through repetition.

The goal is for the child to cut the pages of the book and have an adult help staple it together. They will also be able to read the page and color in the turkey feathers based on the color underlined on the page.

What’s great is that in preK and kinder, they’re really just getting the feel of procedures and processes. First, you cut the paper, then you staple it. Next you, color it. When you’re done, you share it.

Furthermore, it goes over concepts such as a what is a turkey, what are colors, and what is a rainbow. The repetitiveness from page to page helps build confidence that they were able to read the words like a big kid!

Turkey Feathers Colors Primer

Getting Ready to Use the Printable

What’s Included:

  • One page for each color
  • One page for rainbow

What Else You’ll Need:

How To Use The Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts and Differentiate Instruction

The complete directions are including in a parent and teacher guide in the first few pages of the workbook. This is a great assignment for early finishers or even as homework after school. If you’re doing it in the classroom or during homeschool, you can pair it with Turkey Sing-alongs like this one that goes over Turkey feather colors!

Turkeys having colored feathers is a real thing and you can pair this activity with some Science by reviewing these pictures of iridescent turkeys!

If you want to take this even a step further, I would have kids glue on colored feathers from Amazon. Pour the paint in a dish or small bowl and give kids a paint brush to practice some fine motor skills instead of just a glue stick. Get those little fingers moving. Kids actually really love this part because A.) they love glue and B.) they love playing with feathers!


Other Tools and Resources

Gobble Gobble Mr. Wobble

10 Fat Turkeys

Turkey Trouble

How to Catch a Turkey

Paper Plate Feathered Turkey

Turkey Feather Color Matching Game


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Turkey Feathers Activity


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