Toddler Christmas Activity

Toddler Christmas Activity

December starts the Christmas countdown. Well, for some, it starts the day after Thanksgiving. It’s like a light switch. All the “Thankful” and “Grateful” decorations come down and then you’re stuffing your face with pumpkin pie and putting up your Christmas tree in a matter of 24 hours.

This is our first Christmas in Texas. New state, new home, new people. We do have some friends and family nearby, but this year, it’s new territory for us, literally. We’ve decided to not put a Christmas tree up this year. Primarily because it’s somewhere lost in the sea of moving boxes we haven’t unpacked yet in the abyss that is the garage, but also because the kids are at that age where it’s like a choking hazard.


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Well, we’re putting up a Christmas tree but it’s not your traditional Christmas tree. We are putting up this Toddler-approved Christmas tree and turning it into a fun learning game. Since we’re working on letter recognition and letter sound, I put this Christmas toddler approved activity together.

What you'll find in this post


a Permanent Marker

Contact Paper

This FREE Ornaments Print out



  1. So I’m just gonna be honest here and let you know that there is some prework here – you need to print out the FREE ornament alphabets printable and laminate that good stuff. I swear by this laminator!
  2. Okay, now that’s done. Unroll that contact paper on your dining table and get your coffee ready because you’re about to have a whole 20 minutes to yourself!
  3. Draw a Christmas tree on your unrolled contact paper. BAM!
  4. Girl, is that coffee almost ready? All you have to do is write some lower case and upper case letters on this bad boy. Only catch is that you have to write backwards. This is cause you need the sticky side of the contact paper facing you so the ornaments can stick on it. Practice writing backwards on a piece of paper if you need!
  5. Stick that sucker on the wall with some of this tape. Kick up your feet and enjoy that coffee from the couch, girl. You deserve it.

If you have different-aged kids like I do, work on matching with the younger ones. With the older ones, work on letter sounds as they do the matching.

It’s an easy DIY homeschool activity for Christmas. Good for ages 2-5, and frankly anyone that needs to learn letters and sounds!

If you’re looking for other Christmas activities, make sure to check out my 12 Days of Christmas! It’s TWELVE different activities, all completely FREE!

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