Twin Gear for Newborn Twins

Are you a new twin mama on a budget and you don’t know what to buy and what you need two of? When I first became a twin mom, I was really excited but overwhelmed with all the changes we’d have to make. What do I need to get the newborn twins? How would we pay for daycare for twins while working full time? Can we afford all the twin gear for newborns we need while we’re on a tight budget?

It was a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

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But we did just fine. When Serena was first born, we went into Buy Buy Baby and registered for everything under the sun. Very quickly, we realized that she actually doesn’t need a fancy baby wipe warmer at 3am because I’m just trying to get back to sleep. In fact, we have so many things that ended up being passed on to friends and donated because we ended up never opening them.

So when we found out we were pregnant with twins, we realized with our first set of twins that they don’t really need a lot.

In fact, babies only really drink, sleep, and poop the first three months. Around 3-4 months, when they are awake more during the day and can hold their head up longer, that’s when the fun begins!


When you really think about what a newborn baby needs, it’s not much. What newborn twins and new born babies in general really need the first few months is breastmilk or bottles for formula/pumped breastmilk, a car seat for rides to the doctor, a few clothes, and a safe place to sleep like a crib.

Essentials For Twins

This is a list of essentials to buy for newborn twins when on a budget; it’s not the list of bougie splurges:

  1. Breast Pump and Twin Nursing Pillow

  2. Bottles and Formula

  3. Clothing – onesies, sleep and plays, and one or two special outfits

  4. Bassinets or Pack n Play

  5. Carseats

  6. Double stroller or Baby Carrier

  7. Baby Bathtubs and Body Wash and Baby Lotion

  8. Sleep Sack

  9. Diapers, Diaper Cream, Wipes

  10. Baby Monitor

With our second set of twins, we like to keep to the basics of twin gear and have minimal in the home. At the end of the day, babies really need to be fed, changed, and love. There’s no secret or step-by-step program that will prepare you. Something that worked for me, might not work for you. Do your best on figuring out what works for your budget and how you can make it work!

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