Welcome to Chatting with Chai: Why I’m Rebranding

I’m rebranding my blog. And I’m so excited to finally share it with you!


I am moving everything from www.tiffindrama.com to Chatting with Chai. It feels like such a relief to align myself with my blog and share it with you. I still own www.tiffindrama.com and we have grand plans for it. A little on that later.


There are a lot of reasons why I’m rebranding but here are just a few:

  1. When I started blogging, the twins were really young so it was easy to create teaching materials for Serena and homeschool her one-on-one. It was also easy to cook a meal, stage photos, and edit everything during nap. But now, Serena doesn’t nap and the new kitchen is too small to photograph any recipes. Also, food blogging and creating/sharing recipes is A LOT of work. That being said, my original tagline “Taking the drama out of cooking and learning” didn’t really make sense. I was neither cooking, nor creating learning materials. But, there was lots of drama.
  2. Let me explain the drama. See, my most popular posts are the “Chatting with Chai” series. Hence, the new name of the blog. I don’t actually have drama in my life, but what I noticed about my audience is that you all just wanted to know what was going on in my life. What was I teaching? What is a typical day like for three kids that are three and under? What am I wearing today? Where did we travel? What poop story do I have today? What’s my favorite skin care? Which are my favorite products on Amazon? Etc, etc. You get the point.
  3. My Instagram (especially my stories) was a reflection of what I’m about, but my blog was not. I am passionate about teaching, and I do love to cook; but in this season of my life, we’re ending summer camp and eating Chick fil A nuggets. On my Instagram, I was sharing little tidbits of my everyday life. Essentially, I was a lifestyle mom blogger according to my Instagram, but a Homeschooling mom according to my blog, if that even. Don’t get me wrong, we still teach our kids at home and they are home with me all day, but it’s just not the right time to create new teaching materials and make that the main focus of my blog.
  4. Speaking of my Instagram, I started scattering my posts. One day, I’d post this beautiful picture and then not post anything for a few days because I was so upset that my friends didn’t like it or so-and-so ignored my comment on their post. I would hide in my fear of being vulnerable and comparing myself to others’ success. The point of social media is to be social. Right? Well, after much convincing from Sanj, I knew I needed to stop hiding if I wanted to grow and connect with a community of people online. We aren’t meant to live in the shadows of someone else. I am my own person; I have made mistakes and chosen to walk a path very different from others. Comparing my chapter two to someone else’s chapter ten is not fair to me. I decided to turn a part of my blog to allow for healthy growth for other moms like myself and those striving to create an income online.


So, I’m turning to the next chapter.

On Chatting with Chai, I’ll be focusing on the following topics: Parenting/Motherhood, Lifestyle, Blogging/Teaching Resources.

I’ll still blog about teaching things like the traits we’ve been teaching all year, activities for upcoming holidays, and even short recipes. But i’ll have a better platform to talk about other things like life advice, motherhood hacks, and blogging tips.

The content won’t be that different, but it will be streamlined and organized to reflect my life as it is today.

Anyway, I am super pumped about this and I hope you are, too. Make sure to grab your chai and start exploring!

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