Kids Writing this Winter

Winter Writing Prompts for First Grade

Some fun and creative winter writing prompts for first grade to do this winter!

GUYS. GUYS. GUYS. We’re rolling into the last few weeks of the year! How exciting?! I am really looking forward to winter break and not setting an alarm clock. I’m actually kind of even excited (tired, but excited) about baking and doing some holiday crafts this break.

Do you guys have all your stuff for this break planned out? If you’re still looking for some winter writing prompts, make sure you check this out.


Winter Writing Prompts for First Grade

My goal for this writing workbook was to be inclusive and differentiate. I like to plan and have resources available, but I also have kids in different age groups, with different abilities. I’m not trying to do 5 different things for 5 kids. I like to take one activity or idea and differentiate the plans so everyone can learn and enjoy. 

This is really why I like these winter writing prompts. There are guides and planners for my ADHD kiddo. There are prompts with pictures for my ASD kiddo. And there are Final Drafts for my NT kiddo.


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Types of Writing In First Grade to Do This Winter

There are 4 different writing prompt types included in this packet: Narrative, Informational, Opinion, and a Letter to Santa.

What is Narrative Writing?

Narrative writing is basically telling a story. In this writing prompt, there is a picture prompt that leave for a lot of room for creativity. The kids are supposed to use descriptive words that tell a clear story                                                                                        .

How to Write Informational Texts?

Informational Writing is something that gives information and direction to your reader. An easy way to write informational texts is to be descriptive and provide step-by-step directions if applicable.

For example, “To get ready for hibernation, the bear first …”

Writing Opinion Essays

Opinion essays (or Persuasive essays in middle and high schools) are writings that let you express your opinion and persuade the reader to believe what you believe.

For example, “I think that Santa is real because..” and then they have to go into the reasons they believe this and why you should, too.


Letter to Santa

This is, of course, the favorite with kids. Writing a letter to Santa is the quintessential American holiday experience for kids. It’s where kids write down what they want for Christmas and the holiday season.

Getting Ready to Use the Freebie

What’s Included:

  • 4 different writing prompts: narrative, opinion, informational, and letter to Santa
  • a planning guide with visual organizers for each writing prompt
  • rough draft outline with sentence starters
  • origami folding envelope
  • final draft
  • extra writing sheets

What Else You’ll Need:

  • Nothing! These is a NO PREP workbook!

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How To Use The Writing Prompts and Differentiate Instruction

As aforementioned, all of the writing prompts are differentiated and part of a final product process. There is the planning sheet that has visual organizers. Next is the sloppy copy or the rough draft outline with sentence starters. Then, we have the final draft where they can submit the copy to you.

The Letter to Santa in this workbook is differentiated for different grades or levels. There is one that has pictures that allows them to just circle what kind of things they want. Don’t worry, there is a blank spot for them to draw things.

Then, there is one sheet for pictures and lines to write the words in. And lastly, there is a beautiful sheet with lines for free hand writing.

The best part is that there is an envelop on the last page to fold using only one sheet of paper with this tutorial by Origami Cat.


Other Tools and Resources

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