Letter Tracing Worksheets PDF for FREE

Free letter tracing worksheets pdf to help your toddler learn how to write the alphabet

When the boys nap, I try really hard to make sure that I get one dedicated hour with Serena. We are currently going through the lessons in THIS 100 lessons book on becoming a reader. We are also working on penmanship so we do use this book (which is currently on sale) to help with the hand-eye coordination. She’s a lefty so it’s taking a little bit longer to get to that neat handwriting.

We also play games like this one or this one. We have even just taken the couch cushions off and sat around with these numbers we got from Ikea. She’s since painted them all funky colors, but they’re a fun thing she likes to play with (and the boys, too!). It’s nice because I think she really needs that one-on-one time.

All this quality time is fun, but this mama also really needs a break. So I make sure that of the two-hour nap the boys will take, I also give Serena some quiet time so I can do my own things. These things usually involve laundry, dishes, cooking, and if I’m extra lucky, a super short shower or quick nap.

Letter Tracing Worksheets in PDF


Letter Tracing Worksheets PDF

These letter tracing worksheets that come in PDF and are free to subscribers are an absolute favorite in our house. I LITERALLY take them everywhere with me. As you can see in the picture below, we took them to the doctor’s office. They’re actually something really cool to add to this restaurant survival kit.

So, the activities for independent work are really important because they need to keep her engaged long enough for me to get at least dinner prepped. We do some “bellies and books” time where she has to lay down and read or sing to herself. But that usually lasts like ten minutes.

I don’t always have an activity planned for her. BUT, with little things like this, it’s nice to have things ready and just pull out for her to do.

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Focused Skills

Aside from convenience, this is a great activity in that it’s screen free, you can make it colorful, and you can make some games from it! For example, if you print on colorful paper, you can have your preschooler sort by color. And if your toddler is really focusing on key skills like identifying capital and lowercase letters, you can make it into a matching game where she pairs up the capital letter with the corresponding lowercase letter.

Another way to make this into a game is to print two copies and make a memory game out of it. We have even taken a more Montessori approach by taking these animals and having Serena match the alphabet flashcard to an animal that has the same first sound.

These multi-use flashcards are simple but really great because there are lots of key skills that your preschooler can start practicing on now. Because they are traceable, your toddler can practice the pincer grasp. The pincer grasp is the proper way to use your index finger and thumb to hold an item, like a pen. This is a key life skill that is used when you button your shirt, eat, and of course, write. Here is a list of some great apps that help you practice improving your toddler pincer grasp.

Letter Tracing Worksheets in PDF

Getting Ready to Use the Freebie

What’s Included:

  • Capital Letters
  • Lowercase Letters

What Else You’ll Need:

How To Use It

I printed out THIS alphabet tracing sheet on Astrobrights paper cause color is awesome. I used the Amazon basics laminator and cut them into small flashcards. If you’re super ambitious, you can hole punch each one and use this removal binder clip to keep them together for an on-the-go activity. But, I’m not really so I just put them in the photo container I got from Michael’s. It’s big enough to fit a dry erase but small enough to fit into your purse!

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Letter Tracing Worksheets in PDF

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